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New Video Feature on Lawson Commercial Website

February 7, 2020

In addition to the property videos that Lawson Commercial have been producing partner Chris Lawson has also put together a series of videos to help businesses who are starting up or considering renting their first commercial building.

These videos, titled Property Tips, now feature on the Lawson Commercial website with a new button from the Home Page allowing you to go straight to the videos. Done in a lighthearted manner these short videos give basic tips on things to think about when considering renting a commercial building.



Chris is ably assisted by some feathered helpers to give useful information and are designed to be helpful and informative particularly to those with little or no experience of renting commercial property.

The videos, produced with the help of Toffee and Cleo + Jim Pirrie Studios, are also available on social media including Facebook and LinkedIn as well as on the Lawson Commercial YouTube channel.

Of course you can always call and speak to a member of the Team if you have any questions or concerns or need further advice or information about renting commercial property.